Gary Gladding | Mats Selen | Tim Stelzer
From the Authors

One of the great advantages of the PreLecture is that it frees up the textbook. No longer is the book the entire course, it's just one component. We focus on having each component of the course—PreLectures, assessments, textbook, lecture—do what it can do best. –Tim Stelzer

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smartPhysics System Overview

A smarter way to learn.

smartPhysics redefines the interaction between the student, the lecture, and the professor. A complete solution for the calculus-based physics course, smartPhysics offers extensive support before, during, and after class, providing instructors and students with ongoing feedback that leads to more interactive lectures and better assessment results.

What makes smartPhysics so smart?

1 Students watch PRELECTURES—narrated, animated tutorials with embedded questions—to prepare for lectures. watch video
2 Students complete CHECKPOINT assessments before class to pinpoint how much they understand core physics concepts. See a sample! watch video
3 STUDENT REPORTS give instructors the information they need to target their lectures. See a sample! watch video
4 The data-driven, extensively tested ONLINE HOMEWORK SYSTEM is an unmatched assessment resource. See a sample! watch video
5 The inexpensive printed BOOK allows students to review concepts and practice problems offline. watch video