smartPhysics is now called FlipItPhysics

As members of the physics education research group at the University of Illinois, Urbana‐Champaign, authors Gary Gladding, Mats Selen, and Tim Stelzer are leading educational innovators whose research and work has led to the development of cutting‐edge, effective media‐based learning tools like i‐clicker and smartPhysics.

NSF‐funded, peer‐reviewed research supports the efficacy of smartPhysics. Carefully developed and refined over the course of a decade, smartPhysics began in the university physics classroom, and immediately redefined the interactions between students, instructors, and course content. Used by thousands of student users and instructors at dozens of institutions across North America, research shows that students learn more when using smartPhysics, and have a more positive outlook on physics and their classroom experience.

The smartPhysics success story continues to evolve: Rebranded as FlipItPhysics in 2015, this pioneering approach to “flipping” the classroom now offers new content for the college‐physics course.

With complete solutions for the algebra and calculus‐based introductory physics courses, FlipItPhysics offers extensive support for before, during and after class, with robust feedback and data to provide instructors and students with a more interactive learning experience.